By 2015 DPS will …

      • Maintain team leader engagement scores comparable to or better than those of other high-performing companies.

      • Reduce lost time injury rate by 25%.

It’s been said that the only investment with a guaranteed return is the one we make in our people, which is why we focus considerable resources on ensuring that DPS provides a positive working environment for our 19,000+ employees. From our earliest days as a public company in 2008, we’ve fostered a workforce built for change to position ourselves to achieve long-term success. Our vision to Be the Best Beverage Business in the Americas and our ACTION behaviors have empowered our people to take initiative in improving the way we operate and in reaching their full potential at work.

As we continue to navigate the continued growth of our business and the changing marketplace, it’s important that we provide our employees with the right tools and opportunities that will enable them to be more competitive, innovative and ultimately, to thrive. To that end, in 2012 we enhanced our programs and training to further develop the skills of our leaders and frontline employees, created opportunities for greater inclusion across the business, and shared best practices to drive excellence in execution, cut costs and reduce waste.


Just as each of our brands brings its own flavor to our product portfolio, each DPS employee brings his or her own unique set of experiences, perspectives and background to our business. DPS is embracing those differences to drive rapid change, inspire innovation and better connect with our customers and consumers.

In 2011, we established a Diversity Leadership Council comprising members of our executive leadership team and senior management to set our diversity strategy and ensure the execution of our diversity agenda. The council and our leaders are committed to ensuring that DPS is a place where every employee is respected and appreciated for the diversity they bring to the business. In 2012, we laid the foundation for a more inclusive and diverse workplace by:


        • Creating a sub-committee to plan and execute activities such as cultural awareness workshops and on-site diversity career fairs.

        • Conducting Women in Leadership and Women in Sales workshops aimed at developing professional goals and objectives.

        • Hiring more than 160 military veterans through local and national partnerships with veteran organizations.

We’ve established relationships with numerous local and national organizations to attract and recruit talent that reflects our shifting customer and consumer base. These include the MBA Consortium, the National Society for Hispanic MBAs, the National Black MBA Association – DFW Chapter, Catalyst, Inc., the National Urban League, Hire our Heroes, Milicruit, Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies, Veterans Affairs, State Veteran Commissions, the Department of Labor Women’s Bureau and Goodwill Industries. Notably, DPS was named “W” Company of the Year in 2012 by the 2020 Women on Boards organization for having 20 percent or greater representation of women on our Board of Directors. In addition, we were awarded the Patriot Award Certificate of Appreciation from the Secretary of Defense for our support of the guard and reserve forces. This certification is recognition of DPS’s success in hiring highly skilled and qualified members of our military.

DPS’s Hispanic sales organization recently rolled out a Latino street force team, which is charged with strengthening our customer relationships with Hispanic retailers and other minority-owned businesses in our key markets. Recruited from their own communities, the team is made up of employees from diverse cultural backgrounds, education levels and languages. The street force team has partnered with retailers and community leaders to participate in local events, and their involvement is providing the marketing team with deeper insight into target markets. As a result, our teams are able to develop programs that speak more directly to what’s important to consumers.

DPS is broadening our definition of diversity beyond race and gender to nurture diversity of thought and perspective. We’re encouraging leaders and employees to expand their understanding of cultures through our cultural awareness workshops and by working cross-functionally to solve business challenges. For instance, we’ve had success in bringing together diverse thinking during rapid continuous improvement (RCI) Kaizen events. Diversity of thought will again play a role in the next stage our RCI journey of GOAL Deployment and Lean leadership track management, both of which rely on bringing cross-functional and cross-geographic teams together to solve business challenges. Likewise, in February 2013, DPS launched a companywide mentoring program to develop future leaders by matching mentors and mentees from different functions, locations and levels to encourage knowledge sharing, coaching and networking.


DPS is on a mission to heighten safety awareness and ensure that safe working practices remain top of mind with our employees as we go about our jobs. In 2012, we launched the Drive to Zero safety campaign to underscore our efforts to reduce accidents and injuries. One of the ways we’re doing this is by standardizing the way we report accidents so that we can analyze trends through a corrective action process and then implement improvements to prevent them from occurring again.

To that end, last year the DPS Safety Board tasked the business with developing a common process for reporting injuries and vehicle accidents. At the end of 2012, our EHS team launched a Safety Reporting for Employees (SAFE) system to enable more effective and efficient reporting which will then enable better root cause analysis. The system has been a key component in helping us achieve - and verify - our sustainability goal of reducing our lost-time injury frequency rate (LTIFR). We are making significant gains against our Drive to Zero objective, having reduced our LTIFR by 19 percent since 2009.  

The DPS Safety Board also tasked our direct store delivery organization with reducing injuries by 50 percent at targeted sites through an in-depth education initiative called the EHS Focus Facility program. By way of example, the Tulsa, Okla., site reduced its monthly accident frequency rate from 22.7 at the end of 2011 to 3.8 within six months through its participation in the program.

The Drive to Zero safety campaign has supported our efforts to reduce accidents and injuries.
Lost-Time Injury Rate chart - DPS has reduced our lost-time injury frequency rate by 10 percent since 2009.


The health and welfare of our employees has a direct impact on the success of our business. For this reason, it’s our responsibility not only to provide our people with a comprehensive benefits package, but also to equip them with the right information and resources to help them remain at peak performance in their daily lives.

After the announcement of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, we began preparing our employees early on for the changes ahead. In 2012, we encouraged DPS employees to start thinking differently about their health care by providing them with greater control over their wellness decisions and costs. We introduced two new health plans for 2013 including the Consumer-Driven Medical Plan and the Standard Plan. To help employees on their journey toward becoming good consumers of health care, DPS provided information on the new health plans via mobile sites and apps as well as educational tools. These include “People Like Me,” where employees can find out what medical plans others with similar health needs were choosing, and the myHealthcare Cost Estimator, which allows employees to research available providers that specialize in specific needs and compare pricing for various treatments.

Then, we made sure DPS employees were financially prepared for the new health care changes by offering a health savings account, which allows DPS employees the opportunity to save tax-free dollars while building up funds to pay for current and future health care expenses.

Take ACTION for Your Health graphicOur “Take ACTION for Your Health” program also helps employees get the most out of their benefits and keep their medical expenses low. Last year, we held 10 “Know Your Numbers” events where more than 1,350 employees were in attendance to receive their health numbers such as blood pressure, body mass index and cholesterol, as well as speak with trained health professionals. Furthermore, 5,500 employees took advantage of our Personal Rewards program that launched in 2012, in which employees earned up to $500 in gift cards as an incentive to take ACTION for their health.

Because we realize that life outside of work can have an impact in the workplace, we’ve launched DPS Life Solutions to better support our employees when life gets difficult. DPS Life Solutions is a resource through which employees can receive confidential professional assistance with everyday challenges including child care, sick parents, divorce and financial issues. The service is available 24 hours a day, and DPS employees can receive three free consultations per year within the United Behavioral Health network. 

Learning and Development

We believe a true leader is someone that brings together ideas and coaches their team in achieving excellence.DPS’s ability to evolve and grow depends upon our employees finding opportunities to lead breakthrough change within our business. Our Call to ACTION philosophy is a way of life at DPS, and it’s helped unify our employees behind a single vision of being the best at what we do.

Our Call to ACTION workshops are designed to give employees a strategic understanding of the company and to educate them on every facet of our business. Speakers from across DPS take part in these sessions by providing realistic insight into our complex business. All of our full-time, salaried employees have completed these workshops, and new hires participate in the program as part of their on-boarding process.

At DPS, we believe a true leader is someone who brings together ideas and coaches their team in achieving excellence. DPS’s investment in our leaders is taking shape as we launch the next phase of our Call to ACTION journey, Mobilizing for ACTION. Mobilizing for ACTION is a series of training sessions led by business leaders in partnership with our HR professionals that focuses on the fundamentals of raising the bar of performance – from mobilizing our people to providing effective feedback to setting SMART goals and then measuring performance against those expectations. In doing so, we’ll elevate our coaching capabilities across the business to deliver superior business results.

DPS Campus, our online university, is another tool that provides our people with access to training courses that build coaching skills and strong management fundamentals that enable their teams to succeed. In 2012, we expanded the DPS Campus audience by giving all online employees access to this training tool. This transition is part of our ongoing effort to enhance our bench strength and build a solid pipeline of future DPS leaders. We’ve also added a CSR training module to DPS Campus to deepen employees’ understanding of our sustainability agenda and educate them on how to apply a sustainability mindset to their areas of responsibility.