Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) operates upon a simple principle: Say what you’re going to do, and do what you say. We understand that the choices we make every day affect the health of our communities and environment. For this reason, corporate social responsibility (CSR) at DPS is about taking ACTION to ensure our choices leave a positive impact on our hometowns, workforce, shareholders, customers and natural resources.

This year, DPS celebrates our five-year anniversary as a publicly traded company, and as you read our 2013 CSR Update, you will see how we’ve held ourselves accountable for being good corporate stewards. Since our inaugural report in 2010, we’ve made considerable progress toward many of our five-year goals, including achieving our goal two years ahead of time of having 50 percent of our innovation pipeline focused on health and wellness. We heard the increasing demands of our consumers for reduced or low-calorie products and responded, with 55 percent of our pipeline now concentrated on providing low or no-calorie products, better nutrition or packaging that supports portion control.

We’ve also held ourselves accountable by communicating our environmental, social and governance (ESG) progress to a broad range of stakeholders, including institutional investors and non-governmental organizations. As part of this effort, we participated in some key ESG indices, including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the Carbon Disclosure Project, Newsweek Green Rankings and the Bloomberg Sustainability Disclosure. In 2012, we maintained or slightly improved our position in two of these four surveys and substantially increased our rankings in the other two. Among other recent accomplishments:


        • We were named to The Civic 50, a list of the 50 S&P 500 companies that best use their time, talent and resources to improve the quality of life where they do business.

        • We joined the elite ranks of the United Way Global Corporate Leadership Program.

        • Our headquarters building earned one of the first multi-use building Leadership Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold certifications.

        • To further validate our external reporting, we obtained third-party assurance from TruCost on our greenhouse gas and water consumption data, as well as on our approach to stakeholder engagement.


Our employees remain the driving force behind everything we do. DPS has established a business environment in which our employees have the opportunity to grow as leaders, thrive in their careers and embrace the unique perspectives and ideas others bring to the table. As the demographics of our market continue to evolve, we are preparing our employees through various programs, assignments and training that will help develop their skill sets and expertise to compete effectively in an ever-changing marketplace.

Over the years, we’ve increased our engagement with various stakeholder groups, from employees to non-governmental organizations. This engagement has been influential in improving our processes and the accuracy of our data collection and reporting. As we continue our CSR journey and our work with our stakeholders, we are finding more efficient ways to operate. In addition, their guidance and participation in our CSR efforts have helped support our ability to do good things through volunteerism and donations to organizations and causes that are aligned with the concerns and challenges our society and environment face.

Being the best beverage business in the Americas goes hand in hand with how we coexist within the world around us. Through the years, DPS employees have been committed to driving our CSR goals through local sustainability efforts, charitable donations, volunteerism and corporate initiatives such as rapid continuous improvement. Going forward, I fully expect us to continue making bold and courageous decisions that will reflect our dedication to doing good things with flavor as we strive to be an ever-stronger corporate citizen.